The product

We enable traceability of logs at their individual level throughout the sawmill

It is based on the end surface of the log

 Each individual log’s end surface is unique and can therefore be considered as a digital fingerprint. By photographing the end surface and applying modern AI technology, we can make our software recognize a log among thousands of others.

This is now a reality

Tracing logs by their end surface has long been a key to creating added value for the production. Many have tried to solve this problem, but the problem is complex and requires both expert knowledge and diligent work. The Taigatech team has what it takes and the industry uses our systems.

Our product consist of three components 


The software that is used to trace each log is based on world leading AI-technology.  The team in Teaigatech have cutting-edge knowledge in both image analysis and computer vision.



A frame with camera and lamps has been constructed to mount easy over the sawline. Mounting of the frame can be mounted during, maintenance shutdown or small production stoppages.


A database store every log-ID and that gives opportunities to connect value information to every log.

This is how traceability works

Two cameras are easily mounted between the points in the production that the sawmill wants to create traceability. Traceability at the individual level is then created for each log between these two points. Through only a photograph of the log’s end surface, the user can follow each log through the entire sawmill.

The log intake

The measurement station collects valuable information about the log, such as length, thickness, twig placement and internal structure. This information is important for sorting the log into the correct timber class. The same information can then also be used at the time of sawing.

Unique ID

In connection with the retrieving of valuable information about the log, a photo is taken of the log’s end surface. The end surface of a tree log is unique like a fingerprint and therefore a digital unique ID can be created from the end surface. The log then becomes its own information carrier. The unique ID is saved in a database and can be matched by taking a new photo on the log’s end surface at another stage in the production.

The timber sorting

Since the log is its own information carrier, all valuable information about the log is connected to the log throughout the production chain. It is therefore possible to identify each individual log when sorting timber and get a better overview of all logs in each timber class. This system creates opportunities to ultimately reduce warehouse costs by gaining better control of the timber warehouse.

The saw intake

During the production flow, the end surface of each individual stock is matched against the unique IDs that are stored in the database. The valuable information that is connected to each stock can then be used. By making full use of the information that is linked to each log, the sawmills can, for example, optimize the log rotation or verify that the log is turned in in an optimal way

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