The goal of the investment is to secure financing until the company becomes profitable on sales.


Taigatech secures financing via a share issue. The financing will cover continued product development costs, stronger IP protection and pave the way to profitability.

In addition to that, the investment contributes to a strong composition of shareholders who will support the company in both industry-specific issues and business development issues. Taigatech is pleased to present the new shareholders First Gate Invest, Key In, Pro Unica Invest, Zeedr, We Are Angels and Bianka & Christer Inderberg. Existing owner Annevo Studios  also participated in the investment round.

Taigatech are proud to welcome the new investors. The investment gives Taigatech the right possibility to increase focus on both sales and continued product development to broaden the technology’s application areas. With the help of the expertise and the financing that comes via the investment, Taigatech look forward to strengthen the position on the market.

More wood per sawn log


Taigatech helps sawmills use more material from each log. With sophisticated computer vision solutions, the company has since the beginning focused on various applications of traceability in the value chain. The focus is primarily on sawmills where a clear need has been discovered to optimize the sawing process for increased saw yield.

The first product identifies logs with high accuracy and optimizes the position of the log before sawing. The technology has a direct impact on increased saw yield at sawmills by improving sawing and decreasing production stops.

DATE 13 – 02 – 2023